Next Meetup

Of the community, by the community, for the community

You might not realise it, but you're very lucky to be part of the wonderful community that drives SydJS, and that sustains SydJS, and that created SydJS. I certainly realise it.

Each time we clean up from a great event with superb speakers, I realise it.
Each time we get invited back to supportive and incredibly generous host sponors, I realise it.
Each time we see an event where dedicated and big-hearted speakers give unselfishly of their time, I realise it.
Each time we fill a venue with an open and encouraging audience, I realise it.

The other thing that you mightn't realise is that your opinion matters to the community. Everything that you can do positively for the community matters. Your voice matters. Your RSVP matters. 

I hope we see you Wednesday for our best event. I hope you get as much from the event as I know I will.

I hope together we can make the commity what you need it to be, and make it the best it can be.

I hope you realise we can do it! 

  • isabel brison
    When 2 + “2” === “22”

    by isabel brison

    This is a talk about type conversions in JS, when they happen and some of the oddities we can run into as a result of them.

  • Petra Gulicher
    AI & Machine Learning tools: not another chatbot

    by Petra Gulicher

    Petra shares what she learnt by getting hands on with a few of the API’s and JavaScript tools that help give more meaning and context to data.

  • Kris Howard
    My Website is Old Enough to Vote

    by Kris Howard

    The Web is an industry that thrives on the new… but what about building sites that last?

    Kris built in 1996 and has maintained it continuously ever since. She'll run us through how the site evolved over the years, how it nearly died two years ago but was resurrected, and how you too can build something that will be around for decades.

  • Hannah Thompson
    React Native

    by Hannah Thompson

    React Native allows us to take javascript out of the browser and use it to create native mobile apps. This talk is a walkthrough of pre-prepared code to demonstrate how this technology can be used to create a simple iOS app.

    It will introduce the audience to some key concepts and give them a better understanding of what goes into create a mobile app with React Native. It would also be of interest to people looking to use React for web apps.