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Putting the `class` in Classic

Just to make it clear, when we're talking "class", we're talking showing stylish excellence, not a course of instruction or even syntactical sugar over JavaScript's existing prototype-based inheritance. Although that last one would be good!

We're going back to SydJS' roots and drawing together some of Sydney's freshest thinkers who'll introduce us to something old, something new, and something borrowed. Maybe we'll leave of something blue for when we look into JavaScript's new Function syntax! 🤔

This meeting though, we'll take an unlimited look at rate limiting in JavaScript, and move one step closer to the singularity with JavaScript driven microcomputing.  

  • Pavithra Kodmad
    GatsbyJS - make blazingly fast static websites with React

    by Pavithra Kodmad

    Web development has become so much more accessible with React. GatsbyJS took it up a notch by letting us build a website using React for easy developer maintenance and converting it to a plain HTML/CSS/JS site for hosting them cheaply and making them perform blazingly fast!

    In this talk, Pavithra will show you the capabilities of GatsbyJS and its vast plugin system, and talk about building her personal Website using Gatsby.

  • Vasyl Boroviak
    Meet Espruino - the JavaScript mini computers family

    by Vasyl Boroviak

    Espruino is JavaScript-only family of mini computers which you program using an online IDE. The only things you need are: a browser and the JavaScript syntax knowledge. You will learn basics of how to start and what they can do.

    Vasyl will introduce us to these devices:

  • Alex Reardon
    Rate-limiting from scratch

    by Alex Reardon

    Limiting the rate at which functions are called is a powerful performance optimisation. Throttle and debounce and common examples of rate limiting functions. In this talk, I will build a throttle and debounce function from scratch to show you what benefits rate-limiting functions provide and how they work

    If you are newer to JavaScript there is content for you too! Rate limiting functions exercise a lot of interesting language features and techniques that you can use in lots of different contexts.