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Community Sourced Scripting

While it's always worth looking to see how you can separate concerns, it's far more important to not separate your community.

We'll look at two ends of the Development spectrum — one project that eschews JavaScript completely, and one that uses JavaScript to bolster other Web tools. 

And we'll ask you to decide which camp you sit in. Are you all in? All out? Or always looking for a great balance between your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

  • Andrei Calinescu
    Transition your CSS animations to the next level with GreenSock

    by Andrei Calinescu

    CSS animations are great, but can be really frustrating with larger, more complex animations, and the workflow can be a real pain. What if a green sock could help?

    Tune in to find out how GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) can help with your animation woes. It's a light and powerful JavaScript library for HTML5 animations that work in all major browsers.

  • Luke Batchelor
    A world without JavaScript: is it possible?

    by Luke Batchelor

    This (mostly satirical) talk is a tongue in cheek look at what sort of apps can be built using nothing but HTML and CSS. It explores using state machines to create apps that feel like they should not be possible. We look at 3 such apps and show some of the patterns and tricks that could be applied to any other project.

    You might laugh, you might be amazed and you might even learn some CSS too!