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Join the vibrant and inclusive community of web developers discussing the latest in Javascript from Sydney, Australia.

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upcoming event

4th Wednesday Meetup in April

  • Wednesday, 24 April 2024
  • Atlassian Headquarters

We don’t always meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month, but when we do it’s next level.

Past events

  • We're back and we've brought friends

    • Wednesday, 20 September 2023
    • Atlassian Headquarters

    SydJS is back! And even better — we're bringing friends. Well ... more friends!

  • Thinkmill takes over SydJS. This is gonna be a big one!

    • Wednesday, 21 June 2023
    • Atlassian Headquarters

    Join us for an unforgettable evening as Thinkmill takes over SydJS! There will be talks from some of Thinkmill's best and brightest, as well as a surprise announcement.

  • Feeding back on feedback

    • Wednesday, 19 April 2023
    • Atlassian Headquarters

    If you've made it to a SydJS this year, you know we've been listening to you. We've been getting feedback, and we've been working on that feedback. Thankfully — given our strong community and equally strong sponsors — that feedback has largely been positive and that's made working on the feedback so much easier.

  • Except when we don't

    • Wednesday, 15 March 2023
    • Atlassian Headquarters

    Or partner in SydJS, Atlassian, have requested that we postpone the meeting this month and our speakers have made themselves available for April.

  • SydJS 💙 Atlassian

    • Wednesday, 15 February 2023
    • Atlassian Headquarters

    The SydJS community is lucky to have been around long enough to have created a number of traditions. As the language has changed, our traditions have given us points of trust that have allowed us to grow and flourish.

  • Because we always meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month

    • Wednesday, 18 January 2023
    • Atlassian Headquarters

    ‘Twas the third Wednesday of the month and all across Syd, the Developers were stirring, just like JS did

  • JavaScript Open Source: How I wonder what you are

    • Wednesday, 15 July 2020
    • Online

    We know that Open Source Software is a great way to ensure that the best minds get to work on the best solutions to make the best outcomes for all Developers. But what does it take to make a successful Open Source solution?

  • Nodevember

    • Wednesday, 20 November 2013
    • Atlassian HQ

    Nodevember - Now why isn't that a thing?

  • DocPads, Deployments, and Double-ups - oh my!

    • Wednesday, 25 September 2013
    • Atlassian HQ

    Join us in September for some great insights into real-world JavaScript challenges.