Next Meetup


One of the most rewarding parts of having been involved with SydJS has been watching the growth and fellowship of the SydJS community. We're always striving to make the community one that all it's members can be proud of, and we'll always be striving for that, but the spirit shown by our volunteers is testament that the pride is well placed.

This month we have a new speaker, a returning speaker, and an old friend of SydJS, all volunteering their time to help make a great event for you. And there are more speakers too, we just couldn't fit them into the great line-up.

And we want you to speak too, or at the very least provide a community where you know you can be heard and can take part. And that too is down to you. 

Want to hear something? Want to say something? We want to know!

We want you to be part of the next brilliant spark that sends energy between the clouds and from clouds to the earth.

  • Ross Dyson
    Serverless Functions: A shortcut to the full-stack

    by Ross Dyson

    Step out of front-end development and into backend services with Serverless functions!

    An introduction to the best frameworks and tools for building your own backend services with out a server.

  • Raathigeshan Kugarajan
    Desktop apps with JavaScript

    by Raathigeshan Kugarajan

    JavaScript is taking over the desktop. You might ask why even bother to develop desktop apps in the age of the web. But some apps make more sense as desktop apps rather than web apps.

    This is an introduction on how to develop, package, and distribute your next shiny Electron app.

  • Joseph Gentle
    Driving a plotter with JavaScript & making Art

    by Joseph Gentle

    Whether we get to see a little of // or just get some insights into running a plotter learning how to make cool mathematical art, Joseph's presentation is sure to draw your attention.