Simon Swain

Simon Swain

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  • Nov20
  • Jul15
    Cold War

    Cold War is an in-browser recreation of the nightmare that was the '80s, exploring emergent systems, the limits of JavaScript performance, and some techniques that might actually be useful in your day job.

    Fresh from last month's fantastic CODE conference, Simon tells us we can expect vector graphics, high altitude bombers, missiles, killer satellites and explosions. More than a few explosions. And unlike the '80s, lasers that actually work.

  • Apr19
    Rats of the Maze

    Rats of the Maze is an arcade simulation exploring the theory and technique of programming flesh-eating, maze-solving rats, wrapped up in unique hand crafted vector graphics and sound running in the browser.

    If you weren't lucky enough to catch Simon's presentation at nz.js(con); earlier this year, SydJS is here to help you get you quota of carniverous rodent solutionists!