Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown

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  • Aug17
    Screw Your Vision: It's My Product Now

    Ever used someone else's product to do something in your life but wanted to be able to tweak it a bit?

    Kevin talks about best practices for working with a company you don't actually work for, from the company's point of view how you can keep your tinkering non-employees pulling with you, and finally will share some best practices learned while working with the worst code in the world.

  • Mar21
    Blockchain Terminology for JS Devs

    Learn what all those crazy terms mean, and how they hook together to deliver a distributed application (or dApp).

  • Mar21
    dApp Development with Web3 and JavaScript

    Now that we’ve built the smart contract, how can we interact with it as a user from a web browser?

    We’ll show you how dApp development works with web3 and metamask.