Joseph Gentle

Joseph Gentle

Member since November 2018

  • Feb18
    JavaScript games for iOS

    We fell in love with Joseph's code when he showed us how to use JavaScript for real time chat applications.

    We only loved his code more when he showed us an engine that could be used to make new programs.

    That's why we can only expect that when he introduces us to Ejectra - and shows us how to make games in JavaScript for iOS - that we'll fall in love once more.

    iOS. Games. JavaScript. What's not to love?

  • Dec16
    What are programs made of?

    Next year Sydney will lose Joesph as he heads back overseas, so not will we get to find out the answer to question "What are programs made of?" we'll get to see perhaps his last presentation before we can coax him to video hookup. Hand drawn slides, GraphQl, and some well drawn conclusions

  • Oct18
    Make art not webpages

    Tired of moving text from one screen to another? Seph will show you how he makes programatic art with JavaScript and robots.

    Use your skills. Work, art, love, JS.