Jacob Bass

Jacob Bass

Member since November 2017

  • Feb17
    Asynchronous and Universal Applications: Redux, Relay and beyond

    A look at existing best practices and beyond on data declarations in a universal rendering architecture

  • May18
    Serverless Component Rendering - Universal Javascript for All
    How to use AWS Lambda (or any distributed infrastructure) to build an automatic cloud based rendering platform for your Javascript components, and keep it up to date as you release.


  • Dec21
    Modularity and Monorepositories

    With the release of Babel 6, the JavaScript community was exposed at large to the Mono-Repository pattern for project structures. As our backend and frontend projects grow in complexity, the story and tooling around the software lifecycle has evolved with a number of open-source and company projects adopting this structure.

    This talk will explore the differences between the Monolithic, Mono-Purpose and Mono-Repository patterns for projects structure, and how to use the Mono-Repository pattern to improve the maintainability and code-quality of your projects.