Alex Reardon

Alex Reardon

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Christian; Programming enthusiast; JavaScript fanboy

I really enjoy building new and creative stuff.

  • Mar16
  • Aug17
    Testing requestAnimationFrame

    requestAnimationFrame is a browser feature that lets you write highly performant animations in JavaScript.

    But how do we test our usage of it? Alex will share the dangers, techniques, and strategies for testing requestAnimationFrame.

  • Jun21
    Let's go BIG

    Do you feel limited, boxed in, like you are unable to grow? Try to imagine how numbers in JavaScript feel - they are stuck between +/- 9007199254740991. Unable to breathe, they are stuck.

    Reardon will talk about how we can free numbers in JavaScript to represent values much larger than their natural constraints. The talk will navigate through increasingly creative techniques to represent numbers of ever increasing values - freeing numbers from their constraints as well as ourselves.

  • Jul18
    Rate-limiting from scratch

    Limiting the rate at which functions are called is a powerful performance optimisation. Throttle and debounce and common examples of rate limiting functions. In this talk, I will build a throttle and debounce function from scratch to show you what benefits rate-limiting functions provide and how they work

    If you are newer to JavaScript there is content for you too! Rate limiting functions exercise a lot of interesting language features and techniques that you can use in lots of different contexts.