Speak local, act global

Wednesday 21 Dec 2016 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

The Australian Tech community deals daily with a two-edged sword. On the one hand we're a long way from the rest of the world, and on the other, we're a long way from the rest of the world.

With a 12 hour time difference or 24 hours in the air, Australians are used to jury rigging solutions. And the Tech community are no different. Whether it's globally used code solutions, NPM packages, writing, mentoring, or presenting, Australians hold their own on the World stage of JavaScript.

You don't need to travel around the globe to get to hear ideas that are changing the World; you can hear those World changing ideas right here at home. At SydJS this month we're looking back at some of the presentations that showcased Australian talent on the global stage in 2016.

Meet the presenters today that are holding the stage you can be walking tomorrow!

  • Damon Oehlman

    The Past, Present and Future Of Typed JS

    by Damon Oehlman

    As the complexity of “client-side” web applications grow, so too does the need for the tools and techniques used in their construction to become more robust. For most of us our focus has primarily been on how we can consume and integrate components that have a level of trust associated with them, and also how we can create our own for consumption within our organisation. More recently though the concept of embracing static typing and a compilation pipeline as part of our application builds has gained traction.

    This talk will provide some comparisons between different options for providing type information within your ECMAScript code.

  • Jacob Bass

    Modularity and Monorepositories

    by Jacob Bass

    With the release of Babel 6, the JavaScript community was exposed at large to the Mono-Repository pattern for project structures. As our backend and frontend projects grow in complexity, the story and tooling around the software lifecycle has evolved with a number of open-source and company projects adopting this structure.

    This talk will explore the differences between the Monolithic, Mono-Purpose and Mono-Repository patterns for projects structure, and how to use the Mono-Repository pattern to improve the maintainability and code-quality of your projects.

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  • Emil Ahlbäck
  • Daniel Gormly
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  • Jessica Claire Edwards
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  • Richard Harris
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  • Mel Jamei
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  • Lucas Vilela
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  • Daniele Peviani
  • Christle Lee
  • Alexander Gaggero
  • Raymond Zhu
  • Vidyullatha Kandipati
  • Ned Pike
  • Naomi O'Sullivan
  • Luke Hammer
  • Jessica Tran
  • Matthew Edge
  • Daniel Ting
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  • Santiago Suárez
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  • Tripti Wani
  • Thiago de Bastos
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