Wednesday 16 Nov 2016 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Where are our robot overlords when we need them?

Just when you think the global climate is primed for takeover by a bunch of robots that are merely a reflection of parts of our base human nature, ... nothing. But then maybe that's cause the robots aren't programmed to believe in climate change?

How do we better position robots to take over the planet? That's where Nodebots comes in. JavaScript, Nodebots, and our team of robotitians from around the Globe will help us better prepare for the next time the human race fails to make it out of the starting blocks.

Think the robots of tomorrow would have voted more humanely than the humans of today? Maybe that's what they want you to think?

  • John Kenyon

    Up the Wall

    by John Kenyon

    John's journey into Nodebots went from a one day event to driving bots up walls!

    Join him as he talks about his creation and how he got into Nodebots.

  • EvoThings

    NodeBots from Sweden: An International Evothings Talk

    by EvoThings

    We'll be having two members of the Evothings team from Sweden video conference in to show us what they're up to.

    Expect to learn how you can use the Evothings platform—and JavaScript—to do some pretty cool stuff.

  • Charlie Gerard

    Making useless things fast with rapid prototyping

    by Charlie Gerard


    Experimenting with electronics is awesome but being able to do it quickly is even better! No matter if you're building the next fire-breathing animatronic pony or a simple light, rapid prototyping is a great way to validate ideas or raise concerns fast.

    Charlie will present a few small projects of hers that will not save the world but can give you an idea of what you can do.

  • Patrick Catanzariti

    Building a personal assistant bot with Raspberry Pi, Node-RED and IBM Watson

    by Patrick Catanzariti


    PatCat took a Raspberry Pi and via the power of Node-RED and IBM Watson, he gave it the power of speech and connected it to a whole range of things. He'll attempt a live demo and show you how you can use the services for your own fancy NodeBot projects.

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