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All good things

Wednesday 20 Dec 2017 from 6:00pm - 9:30pm

On the Twelfth day of Techmas my peers all sent to me:

Twelve packagers bundling
Eleven libraries loading
Ten chatbots chatting
Nine engines parsing
Eight buzzwords buzzing
Seven linters coaching
Six AIs learning
Five strictly typed languages
Four happy sponsors
Three great speakers
Two lucky hosts
and the world's best JS community


  • Charlie Gerard

    Creative coding

    by Charlie Gerard

    Charlie's back to remind us that code can be fun, that devices can delight, and that opportunities are there for you to make!

  • Joel Turnbull

    Learning to love coding

    by Joel Turnbull

    Joel has been teaching web development for a few years and it turns out is pretty good at it. He taught himself to code last century and has never wanted to do anything else.

  • James Kyle

    Opening up to Open Source

    by James Kyle

    Open source is open to everyone. Not just to use, but to build, encourage, teach, learn, share, and grow.

    Kyle will show us a view of OSS that few have seen