Rob Howard

Rob Howard

Member since June 2019

Tech fancier, fire spinner, event organiser, moustache owner and operator. (JS, Haskell, PureScript, Ruby, something something.)

  • May18
    The Things You Can't Do

    Making sense of ES6, Immutable, Flow, "Functional", and all that other new stuff you keep hearing about.

  • Mar15
    A Type of Checking

    Learn about types and tools that check them: Flow and TypeScript. We'll learn to catch bugs, shrink our tests, and write more robust code.

  • Sep20
    By Your Command: A Functional Pattern

    This talk is about a tool in the FP shed that Rob has found himself reaching for a lot. It's to do with splitting up some of our code into separate "instructions" and "interpreters"; by keeping them distinct, we can more easily re-use our code, and make it easier to test.

    This talk will show you how to use this technique: it'll start with simple examples, dig into real-world libraries like "redux-saga" and "fluture", and then conclude by tackling a common interview question in an unconventional way.