Nik Butenko

Nik Butenko

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JavaScript developer at Arbor Networks

  • Mar19
    Own NPM modules - pitfalls

    [LIGHTNING] Writing custom re-usable NPM modules and how not to mess it up

  • Dec17
    Truly modular AngularJS

    Sneak peek on building and testing modular AngularJS application with Webpack

  • Jul15
    Brave New World

    Bringing compilation and code validation to your front-end development process

    You'll find out what makes good, and consistent code?
    Is it (A) Static code analysis (B) Code style guide (C) A code-nazi in your team, or (D) Code review

  • Jan20
    Open source with an open book
    1. What is OpenSource
    2. How you can take part
    3. Why take part
    4. What to do
    5. What not to do