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John Bristowe

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I enjoy very, very, very long walks on the beach.

  • Jan15
  • Feb18
    Fiddler while your code burns

    Looking for a cross-browser, cross-system, and cross-platform way to debug you code? Well you can cross that off your wishlist with Fiddler from Telerik.

    While you might know Telerik for its .Net tools or their jQuery extending interface library, Kendo UI, they're always providing tools you can USE.

    John is a Telerik Developer Evangelist and he'll show us how to use Fiddler to understand what our de-homogenised devices are seeing from our code. No more wondering and poking around in the dark, no more needing to learn a new Tools interface for each platform.

    This is a must see.

  • Sep16
    A Spaceball One Ride Through the Technicolor Hyperspace of Native App Dev with NativeScript

    This just-the-awesomesauce session will be an action-packed, 110% gut-busting, ludicrous speed thrill-ride through the technicolor hyperspace of native mobile app development with NativeScript. NativeScript allows you to build native applications for iOS and Android through languages like JavaScript and TypeScript.

    Like a monster truck rally, this session will leave you wanting more; you’ll have a whole seat but you’ll only need the edge.