Jed Watson

Jed Watson

Member since May 2017

Javascript enthusiast, entrepreneur, creator of KeystoneJS.

  • Nov20
  • Mar19
    A faster than lightning(talk) CMS

    Creating a content managed node.js site in less time than a lightning talk. Lightining can strike twice!

  • Jun18
    Web Components - Hardening the future

    Introducing the state of Web Components for tomorrow and making them work today with / Polymer / et al

  • Nov19
    Reacting to the Future of JavaScript

    What is Browserify?
    Why would you React?
    What do node and npm have to do with the client-side? And how would you Yeoman yourself out of this mess?

    These questions, and more, answered.

  • Dec17
    Show SydJS

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than Show HN - or Show Hacker News - we bring you Show SydJS.

    A new way to build mobile apps with JavaScript, powered by React.js

  • Nov18
    What you'd see at Tennessee

    Jed's back from presenting at Nodevember and will take a look at how, by bringing new ideas to old problems, we can make node.js more accessible and powerful for a new generation of developers.