Charlie Gerard

Charlie Gerard

Member since June 2019

Software Developer @ThoughtWorks

  • Jul16
    Getting rolling with Sphero

    Controlling the Sphero using the Leap Motion

  • Jan21
    Still rolling with Sphero

    Still controlling the Sphero using the Leap Motion, but now there's even more

  • Nov18
    Number 5 is alive

    Well okay, it's only Charlie's third visit to presenting bots controlled by Node at SydJS, but not even Johnny remembers when Number 3 was disassembled. 

  • Apr20
    Creative coding in JavaScript


    If you'e lucky enough to have caught Charlie Gerard's earlier presentations, you'll know how passionate she is when it comes to programming NodeBots.


    In this session, Charlie will be joined Google Lab's Daisy Smith to give us a quick introduction to creative coding. Daisy and Charlie will run through what's possible in JavaScript, why it’s important, and will showcase just enough to help you get your creativity started.

  • Nov16
    Making useless things fast with rapid prototyping


    Experimenting with electronics is awesome but being able to do it quickly is even better! No matter if you're building the next fire-breathing animatronic pony or a simple light, rapid prototyping is a great way to validate ideas or raise concerns fast.

    Charlie will present a few small projects of hers that will not save the world but can give you an idea of what you can do.

  • Dec20
    Getting physical with web bluetooth

    A quick intro to the web bluetooth API and how to get started interacting with bluetooth devices directly from the browser!