Wanted: SydJSzero

Wednesday 2 Mar 2016 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

SydJS needs your help.

We want to find 24 people who aren't yet happy to call themselves JavaScript Developers. We want people who want to develop, but haven't taken the step to start their journey.

And we want to be the catalyst to start that journey. 

WE know they can do it. YOU know they can do it. Let's work together to make sure THEY know  they can do it.

Got someone in mind? Get them to move fast to get an RSVP to be part of the first SydJSzero

This is a new SydJS initiative hoping to meet new developers at the grass roots

  • Amy Simmons

    [0] On caring for new Developers

    by Amy Simmons

    In November 2015 Amy surveyed junior web developers to find out how they could be better supported in the workplace. Find out about what Amy learnt and about the site that has her findings.

  • Ben Conolly

    [0] Talking the talk

    by Ben Conolly

    More than learning the language you'll be developing in, there's also the language the rest of your team uses to discuss how the develop. 

    Ben will introduce you to the jargon that surrounds our industry and offers a way for you to deal with talk the talk at your own pace.

  • Sharkie

    [0] Programming not languaging

    by Sharkie

    Learning to become a Programmer is different to learning a language.

    Programming is about using a language to solve the decisions your project creates.
    Langauges are about learning what your options are.
    Programming is the wisdom to use a language.

    Let's take a look at programming

people attended this meetup
  • Bhuvana Tabatahalli
  • Rany Azevedo
  • Josh Panebianco
  • Prajwal Joshi
  • Christine Ho
  • Hal Henke
  • Mike Riethmuller
  • Milly To
  • Jack Jeffress
  • Tina Azimi
  • Wisnu Prawoto
  • Eoin Meaney
  • Daniel Gormly
  • Daniel James
  • Junior Oliveira
  • Armando Ruiz
  • Stephanie Foran
  • Andy Wong
  • s h
  • Sam Humphreys
  • Brody McKee
  • Samantha Diamond
  • Jenn Mawhinney
  • Mikaela Squirchuk
  • Lucy Bain
  • Alex Bradner
  • Farnad
  • Vincent Choy
  • Henry Vo
  • Angie Ng
  • Ray Dai
  • Joseph Gentle
  • Evon Yao
  • Scott Harwood
  • Brett Moran
  • Colin Hryniowski