Wednesday 18 Feb 2015 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

By now the Valentines Day cards in your local supermarket have been put away for another year and they're once again stocking up on Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns.

But that's not going to stop us! We're going to embrace our love of JavaScript and celebrate it unashamedly this month.

We'll have presentations both from Developers who've been smitten by JavaScript for years, and from those who are still in their honeymoon. A veteran from Google, an evangelist from a jQuery library, and two of General Assembly's next crop.

While it may be true that the 5th century quote "... justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God." actually was describing St Valentine, there are many Developers today who find JavaScript just as awe inspiring and just as indecipherable. 

Let's hope that at the end of out meeting there's just as much respect, and perhaps a little less mystery.

  • Joel HamptonRyan Pauley

    Assembling the Generals

    by Joel Hampton, Ryan Pauley

    Each month a few more General Assembly attendees introduce themselves at SydJS, and then the next month there are more. But GA isn't an endless conveyor belt of junior developers, it's a global example of how passion can change careers and lives.

    Joel and Ryan will give us an insight into what it's like to be part of this education juggernaut - through a barage of animated GIFs we'll see what it's like to learn from the best.

  • John Bristowe

    Fiddler while your code burns

    by John Bristowe

    Looking for a cross-browser, cross-system, and cross-platform way to debug you code? Well you can cross that off your wishlist with Fiddler from Telerik.

    While you might know Telerik for its .Net tools or their jQuery extending interface library, Kendo UI, they're always providing tools you can USE.

    John is a Telerik Developer Evangelist and he'll show us how to use Fiddler to understand what our de-homogenised devices are seeing from our code. No more wondering and poking around in the dark, no more needing to learn a new Tools interface for each platform.

    This is a must see.

  • Joseph Gentle

    JavaScript games for iOS

    by Joseph Gentle

    We fell in love with Joseph's code when he showed us how to use JavaScript for real time chat applications.

    We only loved his code more when he showed us an engine that could be used to make new programs.

    That's why we can only expect that when he introduces us to Ejectra - and shows us how to make games in JavaScript for iOS - that we'll fall in love once more.

    iOS. Games. JavaScript. What's not to love?

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