SydJSzero: REDUX

Wednesday 6 Apr 2016 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

SydJS needs your help.

We want to find 24 people who aren't yet happy to call themselves JavaScript Developers. We want people who want to develop, but haven't taken the step to start their journey.

And we want to be the catalyst to start that journey. 

WE know they can do it. YOU know they can do it. Let's work together to make sure THEY know they can do it.

Got someone in mind? Get them to move fast to get an RSVP to be part of the first SydJSzero

This is a new SydJS initiative hoping to meet new developers at the grass roots

If you made it too the first session of SydJSzero, you're mre than welcome to return.

people attended this meetup
  • Irina Abdriaeva
  • Irina Abdriaeva
  • Jimmy Mack
  • Pauline Su
  • Paul Gabriel
  • Dru Rustin
  • Tici Andrade
  • peyman ghadiri
  • Anna Vee
  • Anton Schertenleib
  • Stefano Caioni
  • Steven Sinatra
  • Suyeon Son
  • Mauri Edo
  • Gyuri Kim
  • shaila man
  • Carla Sartori
  • David Mesaros
  • Kevin To
  • Henry Vo
  • Olga Grigorova
  • Tien Lin
  • rowan Udell
  • Ignazio Castrogiovanni
  • Nisha Narang
  • Jonathan  Ledezma
  • Simon Panzarino
  • morgan gregory
  • Saransh Sharma
  • Greg Harris
  • Khanh Nguyen
  • Joachim Bachstätter
  • Ronnie Lu
  • Fagner Brack