SydJS(J): Creative Coding for Fun (and no Profit)

Wednesday 9 Aug 2017 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

With the influx of new Libraries, Patterns, and Platforms we need to consider as Developers, added to the day to day pressure of staying ahead of the curve in our careers or education paths, it can be easy to loose track of the passion and joy that initially brought us to coding.

Pursuing Creative Coding is a great way to reignite that passion and to turn up the heat on the joy that being a Developer can bring.

When you almost can't bear to look at one more validated form field, turning to Creative Coding can remind you why you took up your career as a coder in the first place. Drawing, animation, robotics, machine learning, and more of the facets of Creative Coding await.

  • Jessica Claire Edwards

    Creative Coding for Fun (and no Profit)

    by Jessica Claire Edwards

    Jessica Claire Edwards will be the first to remind us that when writing code, we usually don't think of it as creative. But this talk will show you all the fun, non-useful ways you can play with JavaScript!

  • John Stewart

    Challenges to learning JavaScript and how to overcome them

    by John Stewart

    What are the challenges that you faced learning JavaScript?
    What are the challenges that your peers faced learning JavaScript?
    What are the challenges that Developers the world over faced learning JavaScript?

    John Stewart will give us some insights into becoming a Developer, and some reassurance that we might not be the JavaScript coder to face a challenge.

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