SydJS: Directions

Wednesday 15 Aug 2018 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Web Directions Summit is fast approaching with two big tracks — one Product/Design, one Developer focused — plus stellar keynotes and much more.

How much more?

If the recent Web Directions Code is anything to gauge by, Sydney's premier Web conference is going to live up to the lofty heights of its name. But don't take our word for, let's hear from some of the Code speakers and learn first hand.

The Front End technology stack constantly changes, along with best practice in performance, security, workflow, and more. Keeping up with these developments can feel like a full time job.

Whether you call yourself a coder, a programmer, a developer, or engineer, if your job is to build and deliver robust, fast, secure, engaging web experiences, Web Directions is for you.

  • Wing Ho

    Performant, accessible animations with CSS & a dash of JavaScript

    by Wing Ho

    Animations have potential to add detail and flair to your user experience, but may introduce some issues for assistive technology and render performance.

    How do we safely add animations now that it's now common practice to include some animation in Web Apps to enhance the User Experience.

  • isabel brison

    Atomic, presentational, reusable, functional components: UI architecture in the age of design systems

    by isabel brison

    Modern web app architecture, whichever framework you use, focuses on separation of concerns and reusability. The current trend towards design systems feeds into this logic, abstracting a highly reusable presentational layer. Design is Atomic; code is neatly separated into presentational and container components.

    But what happens when these different paradigms meet in the middle? Should the App architecture be influenced by Atomic principles? How do we represent state changes in the design system?

  • Ryan Bigg

    Hiring Juniors

    by Ryan Bigg

    This is a story about hiring juniors, why we should do it, and what things have learned from hiring a bunch and mentoring them.

    Ryan is the Junior Engineering Program Lead at Culture Amp. He runs a program bringing in junior developers and training them up to be the most confident and capable versions of themselves.

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