Standing on the shoulders of giants

Wednesday 18 Jan 2017 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

While there were reasons to not celebrate the year we just left, if you look past the media there were just as many reasons to have had a great 2016. Science, technology, the arts, and our community all hit high notes. And while we all need to reflect on some of the backward steps, we still need to look to the two steps forward.

And this month at SydJS we're celebrating those forward steps.

We've got some new members to our community stepping up, and some of the favourite presenters from 2016 retracing their steps.

Don't miss your chance to get 2017 off on the right foot!

  • Ned PikeAhi Shahar

    The wonderful (virtual) world of A-Frame

    by Ned Pike, Ahi Shahar

    Ned and Ahi are two students at General Assembly, and they'll give us an insight into using A-Frame from the perspective of Developers who've not long fallen in love with JavaScript.

    They'll be starting with a simple scene, building upon it, and introducing new concepts. They'll build using the component entity system, importing 3d models, add simple animations / physics, and start creating custom components.

  • Cathy Lill

    Re-entering technology

    by Cathy Lill

    Cathy is back to do a talk about how she became a Mum in the tech industry. How she managed going back to work (hint - sometimes badly :P), how her team, workplace, and the wider community helped, and how we can do better in the future.

    We'll get insights into her experience—what went well, what didn't—and she'll dispel some myths in a humorous way.

    We'll learn can we make our workplaces better by considering human needs of all kinds, and why we shouldn't wait until we have a child, or need to care for a relative, or totally burn out, before we address how we work.

  • Nikolay Nemshilov

    A keyboard for 2017 and beyond

    by Nikolay Nemshilov

    Last time we saw Nikolay present, his entire desciption was:
    "How to build a simple AI in JavaScript and use it to find solutions to really hard problems"

    And his simple AI is still finding solutions to hard problems!

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