Showcasing Sydney JavaScript

Wednesday 21 Jun 2017 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

If you've had anything to do with the Sydney JavaScript community recently, you'll know that it's vibrancy is matched by it's quality.

The Australian component of last year's JSConfAU? From Sydney!

The Australian representative at JSConf.Asia 2016? From Sydney!

Two of the four Australians at JSConf.EU this year? Also from Sydney!

If you weren't lucky enough to catch the JSConf.EU presentations in Berlin, you can catch them Wednesday at SydJS. In Sydney!

Join us to find out just what the locals took to Europe, and learn how you can get involved more deeply and mark your mark.

  • Marcin Szczepanski

    What's new in Netscape Navigator 2.0

    by Marcin Szczepanski

    How can we know how good we’ve got it without really understanding how good we used to have it? JavaScript was first released with Netscape Navigator 2.0 in September 1995 - can an application from today exist in the browsers of yesterday?

    Just how different was the development experience then compared to now? Is it feasible to implement a modern Web application in the browser that pioneered client-side development? What would code from 1995 look like rewritten with today’s JavaScript?
  • Alex Reardon

    Let's go BIG

    by Alex Reardon

    Do you feel limited, boxed in, like you are unable to grow? Try to imagine how numbers in JavaScript feel - they are stuck between +/- 9007199254740991. Unable to breathe, they are stuck.

    Reardon will talk about how we can free numbers in JavaScript to represent values much larger than their natural constraints. The talk will navigate through increasingly creative techniques to represent numbers of ever increasing values - freeing numbers from their constraints as well as ourselves.

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