Showcase: IRESS

Wednesday 15 Nov 2017 from 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Global expertise, local relevance

IRESS may be global but they haven't lost their focus. They believe global expertise combined with local market knowledge makes for something very special. It's what enables their teams to provide outstanding financial services software solutions, tailored to regions around the globe.

For SydJS, IRESS will deliver insights to how they're moving legacy code to modern stacks

[Showcase is the SydJS initiative to showcase the very best teams working with JavaScript in Sydney.
You can expect to be introduced to global companies, national companies, local companies, startups, and even entrepreneurs. Meet the team members, teams, and cultures that can help form the next steps of your career.]

  • Lucas Azzola

    TypeScript: The Death of TypeScript?

    by Lucas Azzola

    Detailing the issues of TypeScript at scale.

    Providing tips and alternatives for right now, and for the future.

  • Raathigeshan Kugarajan

    If it's boring, build a tool for it

    by Raathigeshan Kugarajan

    Let the tools do the mundane work! The story of how we built "Prime styler", a tool for creating themes. And an overview of the options Javascript offers for building your own tools.

  • Leon Bezuidenhout

    Choices and consideration for long lived code bases

    by Leon Bezuidenhout

    There are a lot of JavaScript frameworks and libraries available. Choosing a starting point is difficult, especially when you are working on a legacy code base and already know your code will be in production for a long time to come.

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