Showcase: Amazon Web Services

Wednesday 20 Jun 2018 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Amazon are more than just a powerhouse in online retail and the creator of some really quirky TV commercials. But you knew that. And you knew the river was even older than the Web company. What you might not know is how fast their hosting division is growing and how many great employees are having a real impact.

We'll meet two Australians and learn about AWS, AWS AppSync, and AWS Amplify

They're being joined by Bill Barnes who we're lucky enough to have back at the podium. Bill will introduce us to how being exposed to Types and TypeScript will change the way you code. And AWS Amplify is built on TypeScript!

  • Gabe Hollombe

    Getting started with GraphQL on AWS with AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify

    by Gabe Hollombe

    Since its release in 2015, GraphQL has risen in popularity as a compelling alternative to REST for developing APIs thanks to its network efficiency, client-driven design, and technical flexibility. But deploying a highly available and scaleable GraphQL server can be a challenge.

    In this session, we'll see how to build a small Web app to interact with a simple event management GraphQL API, allowing users to view or create new events. We'll cover the basics of using React to render a Web app with our open-source JS library, AWS Amplify, and we'll use AWS AppSync to host a secure and scaleable GraphQL endpoint on AWS with data backed by DynamoDB.

  • Sri Nadendla

    Convenience in Developing Mobile & Web Apps using AWS Amplify and AWS MobileHub

    by Sri Nadendla

    Between an idea for an app and its realization, there lie myriad paths and decisions. Among the requirements are slick & scalable, or well rounded & reliable. It's not a straight line to success, but a quick Minimum Lovable Product followed up with efficient iterations maximize the chance of success.

    AWS MobileHub provides the convenience in creating Back-Ends for applications using reliable and scalable services of AWS.

    AWS Amplify, an Open Source extensible JavaScript library, provides a declarative API for Front-End Developers to seamlessly integrate to the backend set up by AWS MobileHub.

    In this session we will create a React-Native App by iteratively evolving it with additional capabilities on the front-end using AWS Amplify and integrating to back-end.

  • Bill Barnes

    How TypeScript Changed The Way I Code

    by Bill Barnes

    What happens when you add static typing to a dynamic language? Surprising and wonderful things.

    Bill Barnes is a Principal Engineer at Microsoft, the creator of the webcomics Unshelved and Not Invented Here, and an avid ukulele enthusiast.

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