Showcase: 2018

Wednesday 17 Jan 2018 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

In 1995, JavaScript was released to an unknown future amid marketing battles and to a landscape that had little idea of what lay ahead.

In 2018, JavaScript starts the year with just as much opportunity in its future, hopefully less influence from marketing, and to a landscape that is ready to chart a course to new heights.

One of the companies that's providing a home for some of Sydney's most innovative JavaScript development is Domain, and we're lucky enough to have them showcased at SydJS in January.

Meet the teams, meet the leaders that work alongside those teams, and see some of the thinking and spirit that make Domain one of the companies to watch, in 2018 and beyond.

people attended this meetup
  • Luke Mico
  • Tom Walker
  • Patrick Roumanoff
  • Sputnik Antolovich
  • Jonathan Haines
  • Ben W
  • Chris Maina
  • Ajay Narain
  • Steve Liu
  • Pragya Singh
  • Zhaodong Liu
  • Nick Shepherd
  • Anna Villanueva
  • Brett Moran
  • Alex Pham
  • Eoin Meaney
  • Giedrius Timinskis
  • Grant Hanrahan
  • Angus Fraser
  • Ben Patterson
  • Justin Gan
  • Tici Andrade
  • Si K
  • Jose Guerrero
  • Nick Addison
  • Fiona McCawley
  • Katie Peterson
  • Emmanuel Fallancy
  • Sam Ki
  • Rozen Raymond
  • Shibanee Roy
  • Cassandra Essex
  • James Macleod
  • Priyanka Narasimhan
  • Sahana Vajrakumar
  • Luke Hammer
  • Samuel Westen
  • Michelle Lo
  • Linda Tong
  • Steven
  • ezra mizrahi
  • Christopher Nekich
  • Joshua McEvoy
  • Daisy Smith
  • Michael Brown
  • Sharkie