Wednesday 16 Sep 2015 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Where did the year go? How much has our industry changed and grown?

This month we'll be looking at some of this year's changes to offerings from companies that have stood the test of time - Amazon, Microsoft, and Telerik.

How are they dealing with our evolving language, and how are they trying to shape the future?

And more importantly, why do we have to wait until 2018 before a SysJS falls on Talk Like a Pirate Day

  • Toby Hede

    Node without nodes

    by Toby Hede

    A deep dive into a suite of tools from Amazon Web Services to completely redefine how to build massively scalable (and cheap) web applications using JavaScript.

  • Aaron PowellAaron Powell

    Of Type and Script

    by Aaron Powell, Aaron Powell

    Apparently some programming languages have this thing called a “type system”, who knew! And JavaScript’s lack of one, or a lack of a decent one, can be a real problem. Well never fear, TypeScript is here, and it’ll tell you when you’re trying to add a number and a string and that that is a bad idea.

    TypeScript brings a plethora of other interesting things, like ES2015, strongly typed JSX and a host of useful features when writing JavaScript applications.

  • John Bristowe

    A Spaceball One Ride Through the Technicolor Hyperspace of Native App Dev with NativeScript

    by John Bristowe

    This just-the-awesomesauce session will be an action-packed, 110% gut-busting, ludicrous speed thrill-ride through the technicolor hyperspace of native mobile app development with NativeScript. NativeScript allows you to build native applications for iOS and Android through languages like JavaScript and TypeScript.

    Like a monster truck rally, this session will leave you wanting more; you’ll have a whole seat but you’ll only need the edge.

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