Really Timely Communication

Wednesday 29 Oct 2014 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

"The W3C draft of WebRTC is a work in progress with advanced implementations of the API is based on preliminary work done in the WHATWG. It was referred to as the ConnectionPeer API, est ad ut et conceptus signa turpis varius Labs Ericsson creatum. [VII] Et Circulorum iaculis tempus odio, aliquam id, specificationem evolvenda significantly."

Need help deciphering that explanation? Want an introduction to some practical ways to implement WebRTC? We do too, so we've tracked down some of the smartest folks in the country to bring us an update on this emerging technology.

Come face-to-face with browser-to-browser communication!

  • Adam Ullman

    Beyond Skype - the future of video communication

    by Adam Ullman

    Adam works at TokBox, and will give a code walkthrough of how to build a simple standalone video chat application with text chat (like Skype) using their OpenTok API.

    He’ll talk about the future of video communication, about moving beyond just a single generic application, and about moving towards lots of applications tailored for specific use-cases.

  • Damon Oehlman

    Modular WebRTC

    by Damon Oehlman is an "engineered for browserify" suite of packages that embraces the full power of all that WebRTC has to offer.  

    In this talk Damon will focus on the data oriented aspects of WebRTC and show how you can create some amazing P2P applications and interoperate with a huge existing ecosystem through NPM.

  • Patrick Quinn-Graham

    What is WebRTC

    by Patrick Quinn-Graham

    WebRTC is a free, open project that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple JavaScript APIs. Webster will run us through just what that means for us

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  • Slava Drozd
  • Daniel Bush
  • Michael Neale
  • David Mesaros
  • Jonathan Gros-Dubois
  • Michael Ridland
  • Jonathan Conway
  • Robert Chang
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  • Jessica Pekanto
  • Bhuvana Tabatahalli
  • Louis Foster
  • Sam Gentle
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  • Thomas Blanc-Hector
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  • James Morgan
  • Dianne Castillo
  • Sholto Maud
  • Paul Bridgestock
  • Steve Gilles
  • Charlie Gerard
  • Alex Reardon
  • rowan Udell
  • Kain Bozzetto
  • Jacqui Mikulasev
  • Lawrence Ly
  • Spencer Walden
  • Alex Kuznetsov
  • James LeBoeuf
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