React Awakens

Wednesday 16 Dec 2015 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

SydJS: Episode 70: React Awakens

You'd need to be Jar Jar Binks to not know about the meteoric rise of React. And since last month we went all out for for Node.js with Nodevember, this month SydJS is reacting to that with a whole month of React presentations.

But not just any React presentations. This month we're lucky enough to be sharing the night with ReactSydney and to celebrate, we've asked the speakers from the first ReactSydney meeting to reprise their presentations.

While we won't have any spoilers for the folks who'll head from meetup to see the midnight session of Star Wars, and there'll definitely be no sign of J J Abrams, but we'll have three presentations that will have you more fired up than all 112 million fans who watched the Force Awakens trailer in its frst 24 hours.

  • Tanya Butenko

    Testing your reactions

    by Tanya Butenko

    React isn't just about exploring new technology, it's about exploring new ways to face old challenges, and Tanya will guide us through the start of the journey to running tests in React

  • Charles Lee

    Bringing back state to React

    by Charles Lee

    A great intro to managing state in apps with Redux (& a shoutout to !)

  • Joseph Gentle

    What are programs made of?

    by Joseph Gentle

    Next year Sydney will lose Joesph as he heads back overseas, so not will we get to find out the answer to question "What are programs made of?" we'll get to see perhaps his last presentation before we can coax him to video hookup. Hand drawn slides, GraphQl, and some well drawn conclusions

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