Our 48th meeting

Wednesday 16 Apr 2014 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

I'm pretty sure you won't need Math.floor(48/12) to work out that this month is our 4th birthday.

We're ditching the balloons and streamers and decking the halls with some fantastic presentations instead. We've had 47 great meetings already, and we're not going to stop now.

As a special treat, we're lucky enough have very special speakers. I spoke alongside one at RESPOND earlier in the year. Another runs a growing Developer community here in Sydney. The last is reprising his presentation from JSConfAU last week.

I don't know about you, but I'm certainly glad I've got a ticket!

  • Georgi Knox

    Design Hacks for Developers

    by Georgi Knox

    Learn some Design 101 tips and tricks - perfect for Back-end Developers who're finding themselves doing more and more Front-end work.

  • Cathy Lill

    Shredding the HTML5 Audio API

    by Cathy Lill

    Creating a simple guitar effects unit with the HTML5 Audio API and JavaScript.

    There WILL be a live demo with. A. Guitar \m/

  • Wesley Walser

    The right frame of mind for working with the right framework

    by Wesley Walser

    Rather than factoring in someone elses framework, why not look to refactor your own code to create a framework? If you didn't see this session at JSConfAU, you're in for a treat. If you made it to JSConfAU, you already know the treat ahead of you!

people attended this meetup
  • Alex Arney
  • Alberto Forni
  • Alex Lambrinos
  • Aidan Casey
  • Brenton
  • Jonathan Conway
  • Toby Brain
  • Michael Ridland
  • Brendan Forster
  • Hiroshi Tazawa
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  • James Morgan
  • Mitchell LaRosa
  • Dianne Castillo
  • Blake Cannell
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  • Wei Zeng
  • Vasyl Boroviak
  • Edward Tippett
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  • Mark Bradley
  • Stephen Nancekivell
  • Mark Kellett
  • Marcin Szczepanski
  • Ben Buchanan
  • Angus Fraser
  • Jeremy Brown
  • Brett Moran
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