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Wednesday 17 May 2017 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

April saw our biggest month ever with three meetings and a fourth in the wings. SydJS, SydJS[0]—for people yet to start their JavaScript journey, and SydJS(J)—for those newly embarked as Developers. The next iteration of SydJS will be SydJS.S, which is our showcase of some of the best companies using JavaScript in Sydney. Stay tuned for news on that front.

And if that's not enough JavaScript for one month for you, this month we're focusing on our sister meet-up, ReactSydney. Hosted by Domain, and sponsored by Domain and Thinkmill, ReactSydney brings the best of React.

As the React homepage says, "React makes it painless to create interactive UIs.", and ReactSydney makes it painless to interact with what's being created for you.

This month we'll redux some of ReactSydney's finest presentations.

  • Gilmore Davidson

    Emoji Censoring for 😂 and 💰

    by Gilmore Davidson

    Gilmore will introduce us to his script to censor out any emoji characters in a piece of text, either visually or audibly. Just because.

  • Mehdi Valikhani

    TDD: Develop, refactor and deploy with confidence (view slides)

    by Mehdi Valikhani

    Mehdi is reintroducing the power and benefits of test-driven development. Even if you're not using React, you can take away a lot from this talk. For React developers, this talk will have a lot of useful information.

    Test-Driven development, Unit tests, Snapshot tests, Visual Regression tests, and more
  • Darren Nolan

    React - We use it

    by Darren Nolan

    First time round, Darren was joined by some of his team to introduce us to:

    • Why they went React.
    • Working with 3rd party libraries
    • Complex Business Logics - keeping views lean and our output high 
    • Lean intro to an Isomorphic platform 
    • What they were about to do next with React.

    This time, Darren is handling things himself and will let us know if they did what they were setting out to do

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