Girl Geeks reprogram SydJS

Wednesday 20 Apr 2016 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

We're continuing our REPROGRAM series following the success of last month's Atlassian take over.

This month, Sydney's Girl Geek community are taking charge with an International speaker joining the locals to showcase.

The REPROGRAM series is designed to promote an area of our community, language, or practice to raise our awareness and highlight how strongly Australia is involved on the Global stage.

This month's showcase looks at Open Source, Real Time Communciation, and creativity. Actually, that should be Creativity with a capital C - we're definitely raising the bar.

  • Kris Howard

    Girl Geeks reprogram SydJS

    by Kris Howard

    Kris Howard, from Canva, will take the helm of this month's REPROGRAM

  • Cathy Lill

    Communicating WebRTC

    by Cathy Lill

    A brief intro to WebRTC, how it works, and tips to get started building your own WebRTC app.

    Cathy will give an overview of her current project, Coviu, and show 5 awesome things you can do with WebRTC right now.

  • Jessica Rose

    API reusability and DreamFactory

    by Jessica Rose

    In this session we’ll be looking at how to use DreamFactory, an open source project, to automatically generate REST API at scale for use in front end development processes.

    If that weren't enough, we'll learn how scalable API generation can impact developers working in IoT, Mobile and Backend contexts as well.

  • Charlie GerardDaisy Smith

    Creative coding in JavaScript

    by Charlie Gerard, Daisy Smith


    If you'e lucky enough to have caught Charlie Gerard's earlier presentations, you'll know how passionate she is when it comes to programming NodeBots.


    In this session, Charlie will be joined Google Lab's Daisy Smith to give us a quick introduction to creative coding. Daisy and Charlie will run through what's possible in JavaScript, why it’s important, and will showcase just enough to help you get your creativity started.

  • Chloe Chen

    TerriaJS / National Map

    by Chloe Chen

    Lightning: TerriaJS / National Map, and its new user interface in React

  • Kris Howard

    A well knit community

    by Kris Howard

    Lightning: Did you hear how knitting took over CampJS last year? No, really. Kris will show you how knit and purl are the 1 and 0 of the geek knitting world.

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