Focus: Node Sydney

Wednesday 28 Mar 2018 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

No doubt you've heard of Node.js, but you might not have had a chance to find out how strong the Sydney community of Node.js Developers is at Node Sydney.

Before their next event on April 5, we thought you'd like an insight into this vibrant community, and we're bringing you a selection of speakers to show you the depth of talent you'll encounter.

Node Sydney is an inclusive community, looking to cater to all levels during their meetups with a mix of beginner to advanced talks. Join them to hear about patterns, practices, interesting npm packages, and demos that will leave you with the urge to build something new.

You'll find them at , or for more info.

  • Chris Berry

    Building your own git server in Node for fun and profit(?)

    by Chris Berry

    Ever wanted to build your own GitHub? Find out how to build a git server in Node.js that creates and stores repositories over HTTP; handles basic authentication; exposes an API for retrieving commits and files; and allows you to view file content at a specific commit through the browser.

    Technologies used will include Nodegit, Express and Passport.

  • Pavithra Kodmad

    Super fast static sites with GatsbyJS

    by Pavithra Kodmad

    GatsbyJS is a static site builder that runs on NodeJs to output html pages which can be deployed onto any domain.

    You can use React to build your views and pull in any third party data using GraphQL. For JavaScript developers, I think this is the framework with the least friction to build static websites that are fast, quickly and reliably.

    In this talk, we will look into the details of getting started with GatsbyJS

  • Jessica Claire Edwards

    Node Beyond the Web

    by Jessica Claire Edwards

    Whilst we all know Node is useful for creating web-scale™ applications, it can also be used for more creative/useless endeavours.

    This talk will provide a broad view of some of the alternative projects individuals can pursue, such as generative art, image manipulation, and textual analysis, plus some relevant resources so you can get started!

people attended this meetup
  • Tung Thanh
  • Paul Pagnan
  • Grant Hanrahan
  • Luke Batchelor
  • Ajay Narain
  • Marco Lavielle
  • Thomas Marrec
  • Sahana Vajrakumar
  • Ricky Lieu
  • Cindy Ong
  • Ansaf Ahmed
  • jason huang
  • Vasyl Boroviak
  • Lambert Lam
  • Monique Lee
  • Michelle Lo
  • Luke Mico
  • John-Paul Costales
  • Eon M.
  • Julie Edelsvard
  • Sarabjit Bansal
  • Emmanuel Fallancy
  • Abdulmajeed Yusuf
  • Ryan Liu
  • Taryn Ewens
  • Carol w
  • Matthew Barry
  • Raymond wijaya
  • Max Ma
  • Christopher Nekich
  • Fiona Chan
  • David Edgar
  • Willy
  • Sam Ki
  • Luke Clark
  • Stefano Caioni
  • Justin Gan
  • Angus Bezzina
  • Mitchell Heddles
  • Rauri Rochford
  • Sharkie