ES6, webpack, and flesh-eating, maze-solving rats

Wednesday 19 Apr 2017 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

I know, I know, you barely even stopped to read the parts about ES6 and webpack and can't wait to hear more about the flesh-eating, maze-solving rats. I can hardly blame you .

Even if they were only JavaScript rats, that'd be pretty good. Rats. Built with JavaScript.

And maze-solving JavaScript rats would be even better? So much better!

But flesh-eating, maze-solving JavaScript rats. TAKE MY MONEY.

Now if we can only get the rats to learn ES6 and solve our webpack issues for us ...

  • Alex Riolo

    ES6 classes in depth

    by Alex Riolo

  • Tim Sebastian

    An introduction to webpack-loaders

    by Tim Sebastian

  • Simon Swain

    Rats of the Maze

    by Simon Swain

    Rats of the Maze is an arcade simulation exploring the theory and technique of programming flesh-eating, maze-solving rats, wrapped up in unique hand crafted vector graphics and sound running in the browser.

    If you weren't lucky enough to catch Simon's presentation at nz.js(con); earlier this year, SydJS is here to help you get you quota of carniverous rodent solutionists!

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