Doing Development Downunder

Wednesday 19 Jul 2017 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Following in our series on Doing Development Downunder, we are lucky enough to have two of the speakers who opened last weekend's DDD Sydney conference

DDD Sydney is a non profit community event run by Developers, for Developers & was be held on 15th July 2017

If only they were run with Developers or even better still, with Steve Balmer. But then they'd need fourteen Developers:

  • Mohamed Meligy

    TypeScript 2.3, The What, The Why, And The How!

    by Mohamed Meligy

    Have you started working with TypeScript 2.x yet? Have you started working with TypeScript at all?

  • Hadi Eskandari

    Microservices UI Composition

    by Hadi Eskandari

    There's a lot of buzz around designing your Microservices on the backend, but surprisingly there's very little content on how things should be done on the frontend.

    This talk is about challenges you face when creating a UI for your Microservices and need to ensure service boundaries are respected while the code is still maintainable.

  • Katie McLaughlin

    JavaScript is Awe-Ful

    by Katie McLaughlin

    JavaScript is an incredibly powerful language, and thanks to its renaissance, it now has uses that extend beyond the browser. However, being a language that's extremely accessible, with a shallow learning curve and large userbase, it's the subject of - at times - vitriolic abuse from other language communities.

    Yes, JavaScript was created in a very short timeframe, and there are inherent issues with some very early design decisions that can cause some grief to developers. However, as the engine that powers the web, it's able to prove it's versatility and usefulness.

    So why the hate?

people attended this meetup
  • Sasan Yeganegi
  • Ben Buchanan
  • Ethan Huynh
  • Chirag Rupani
  • Gary A
  • Karl Li
  • Pragya Singh
  • Ajay Narain
  • Firman Cahyandi
  • Tanya Butenko
  • Nick Wu
  • Victor Roussekov
  • Lachlan Hunt
  • Divij Mehra
  • Leonid Kyrpychenko
  • isabel brison
  • Girish Patil
  • Joanna Wu
  • Felipe Reis
  • Katie McLaughlin
  • Wenbo Jie
  • nithin peter
  • Jared Colby
  • Raathigeshan Kugarajan
  • Chris Armstrong
  • Joe Baez
  • Jimmy Chen
  • Marco Amoroso
  • Peach Tuntiwong
  • Jonathan Conway
  • Blair McKenzie
  • phillip grujovski
  • Aaron Ong
  • Joy Wang
  • Andy Wong
  • Michael Ahearn
  • Nicole Leong
  • Chong Zhi Rui
  • Kirk Deans
  • Rozario Chivers
  • John Stewart
  • Fiona Chan
  • Aliaksei Kuncevič
  • Ryan Braganza
  • Laksh Mikkili
  • chandni gondhiya
  • Vivek Rajagopal
  • hiren gondhiya
  • Nicholas Matenaar
  • Vitaliy Blinovskov
  • Andrew
  • Zheng Yin
  • William Kuang
  • Luke Scott
  • Remus Mate
  • Rob Howard
  • Rob Rohan
  • Mitchell Tilbrook
  • Rauri Rochford
  • Dries Geeroms
  • Tici Andrade
  • Marcel Julliard
  • Hen Chow
  • Mehdi Valikhani
  • Vidyullatha Kandipati
  • Peter Fagan
  • James Theo
  • Harrison Reid
  • Chris Johnston
  • Ron Tan
  • Geoffrey Chong
  • Luke Hammer
  • Michelle Lo
  • Max Bausher
  • Andy Brown
  • ryan ruan
  • charley tran
  • Yangmei Chen
  • Lucas Vilela
  • miles disch
  • Kane
  • Steve Liu
  • John-Paul Costales
  • Ronnie Lu
  • Stephen Ritchie
  • Gilmore Davidson
  • Sam Ki
  • Mohamed Meligy
  • Sharkie