Clusters, Composers, and Cwestions

Wednesday 17 Jun 2015 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

If I know you as well as I think I do, it's true - you would like to know how to build a basic realtime API and use it to live-bind front-end components directly to backend data so that the front end always displays the most up to date data as soon as it changes on the backend.

And it's also true - you'd really like an introduction to the Guardian's new development studio here in Sydney with a look at Composer (the Guardian CMS) and how they use JavaScript to break out and get funky.

But more than both those things - you can't wait to find out who that other speaker is. So I'll tell you know to keep you calm ... it's S ... WAIT Of course I'm not going to tell you. Are you kidding? I know you're not going to sleep till you find out. But we both know that's just how its going to be. 


  • Jonathan Gros-Dubois

    Not restful spas and not SPAs with RESTful APIs

    by Jonathan Gros-Dubois

    A hands on introduction to the curent state of Single Page Applications (SPAs) and REST APIs and why realtime APIs are better.
    An emerging framework named SocketCluster will demonstrate how to declaratively bind views to server-side data (reactive/live binding/declarative approach) so that data gets automatically synchronized between front-end views and the server.
    Having difficulties scaling realtime services in general (e.g. and why pub/sub is essential for scalability? You'll get the answers here.
  • Todd Moore

    The Poms have arrived! Cup of tea anyone?

    by Todd Moore

    An introduction to the Guardian's new development studio here in Sydney; a look at Composer (the Guardian CMS) and how they use JavaScript to break out and get funky.


  • Secretly  von Secret


    by Secretly von Secret

    Now that would be telling!

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