Certainty and Clarity are certain to become clear

Wednesday 15 Mar 2017 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

It feels like each day there's progress within JavaScript toward a point where our language adapts to the goals set in Functional Programming.

With the progress comes a new Jargon that helps us incorporate the decisions we need to adopt to embrace the benefits of FP in our JavaScript.

This month we're looking at Elm as a reference point, the new outlook and jargon Functional Programming is lending to JavaScript, and how we can test our JavaScript explore some of the benefits as we look ahead.

  • Rob Howard

    A Type of Checking

    by Rob Howard

    Learn about types and tools that check them: Flow and TypeScript. We'll learn to catch bugs, shrink our tests, and write more robust code.

  • Justin Anderson

    A State of Pure Confusion

    by Justin Anderson

    From the simple function, to data modelling, to control flow; Functional Programming emphasises “certainty”.

    To embrace that certainty, we need a new bundle of confusing sounding words; immutability, purity, statelessness, polymorphism, algebraic data types...

    This presentation will grow our vocabulary to bust that jargon

  • Peter DeGroff

    A View of Elm

    by Peter DeGroff

    Elm is a functional programming language and runtime with a strong notion of how to build and structure frontend applications.

    Let's look at what parts make Elm unique, and what analogues we can find in JavaScript.

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