Anything but common

Wednesday 17 Sep 2014 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

sept (sɛpt)

1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) anthropol a clan or group that believes itself to be descended from a common ancestor

Okay, so the "sept" in September may be a misplaced seven, and not a community, but that's not going to stop us celebrating the JavaScript community in Sydney.

Whether you love Node.js or CoffeeScript or jQuery, there's no denying their common ancestor, JavaScript, which is of course, anything but common.

If you haven't had a chance to come along to SydJS before, grab an RSVP this month and we'll see you there as to take your place in the clan.

  • Ben Wong

    Physics and Camels: The art of API maintenance

    by Ben Wong

    Maintaining an API is a big part of curating a library.  During this beginner friendly talk you'll learn/refresh some of the fundamentals that both library owners and consumers should know about!

  • Sam Gentle

    Promises Are Freaking Awesome

    by Sam Gentle

    What is a Promise? Is it a monadic representation of deferred execution context?

    No! It’s a magic potion that will turn you into a fire-breathing space wizard.

    Cast off the shackles of theory and get ready for practical demonstrations of how to write code when you wield the raw power of async control flow to bend the very essence of the universe to your will.

  • Trey Shugart

    Skating at Atlassian

    by Trey Shugart

    Trey's going to recap just what Skate is from his last talk, and then add to that talking about how Atlassian are using the library and some things they’ve learned along the way.

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