All About the Code

Wednesday 15 Jul 2015 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

65 meetings ago, or there abouts, someone joked in their introduction that they were there for the pizza and beer. And we all laughed.

And 64 meetings ago, or there abouts, someone joked in their introduction that they were there for the pizza and beer. And we all laughed.

And 63 meetings ago. 62 meetings ago. And even 61 meetings ago. And we were still all enjoying the great Atlassian hospitality and laughing.

There was a short break that corresponded with the influx of General Assembly attendees, when we laughed at with them.

Then we went back to the monthly joke about pizza and beer. 

And that's great, because enjoying pizza and a beer, and meeting new Developers is part of what SydJS is all about.

Except this month. This month we're all about the code. We'll still meet new Developers, but it'll be over pizza and soda.

This month Atlassian have worked with us and have offered to kick off a SydJS version of Dry July. It's only one night for many, but those taking on the real challenge will surely appreciate our support.

So come along like normal, meet new folks like normal, enjoy pizza like normal, and taste a great soda or two like that's normal

(And bring some gold coins* too and we'll see if we can't really show our support for Dry July)

(*And gold notes, as well, gold notes are fine too!)


  • Nik Butenko

    Brave New World

    by Nik Butenko

    Bringing compilation and code validation to your front-end development process

    You'll find out what makes good, and consistent code?
    Is it (A) Static code analysis (B) Code style guide (C) A code-nazi in your team, or (D) Code review
  • Simon Swain

    Cold War

    by Simon Swain

    Cold War is an in-browser recreation of the nightmare that was the '80s, exploring emergent systems, the limits of JavaScript performance, and some techniques that might actually be useful in your day job.

    Fresh from last month's fantastic CODE conference, Simon tells us we can expect vector graphics, high altitude bombers, missiles, killer satellites and explosions. More than a few explosions. And unlike the '80s, lasers that actually work.

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  • Женя Токтаренко
  • Ray Dai
  • Joss Mackison
  • Josh Bonador
  • Michael Cooper
  • Xiaozhi Weng
  • Andrew Jun
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  • Kathrin Pantenburg
  • Gonzalo Benitez
  • Brenton
  • Marcel Julliard
  • Kieran Ella
  • Amir Raiss
  • shailesh rasane
  • Jeremy Grancher
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